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1.Al Ain
popularity index(130)
popularity index(74)
3.Abu Dhabi
popularity index(69)
popularity index(32)
popularity index(16)
popularity index(13)
popularity index(11)
8.Ras Al Khaimah
popularity index(10)
9.Umm Al Quwain
popularity index(10)
popularity index(4)

More About Property Search Trends

Now while all the newspapers and property magazines dedicate major part of each of their publication to covering UAE & Dubai real estate sector, for average investor however, it offers little help. For regular Joe, the lengthy and data heavy reports are too much to skim through, making the process of sifting information almost impossible.

At Bayut however, we let stats do the talking. If you like less words and more information then try our Property Search Trends. As you can tell by the very name, Search Trends keeps you on top of the market activity trends. Not only does the tool allow you to find out some of the hottest searched locations and properties but it also lets you have an exact idea about people's preferences.

With the help of the statistics and information offered by Search Trends Tool, you can do a detailed analysis of the property market and put yourself in an excellent position to make a thoroughly well informed investment decision. Keep in mind though that these trends are not just simple numbers depicting people's searches - these numbers also represents market activity and shifts in market trends.

This tool will not only assist in gathering information but also can be your guideline to build a complete historical popularity and ranking database of various buildings and locations. To further ease up the process of collecting information, the tool allows you to take a detailed look at trends and ranks of particular buildings and locations on a month by month basis. To view the data of a particular month, just select it from the month tab above the tool. For those of you who tend to feel lost when faced with big numbers, Bayut offers an easy-on-the-eyes & mind pictorial display. Since nothing simplifies the presentation of data heavy content than a graph, Bayut gives you the option to view and use graphical presentation of Search Trends, making it easier for you to process information.

If you are aware about the implication of this tool and have some idea as to how powerful it is then you must also know exactly how it can help you in making some of the smartest business decisions of your career.